~Justin Umfanatheroni commented on Jan 28, 2014

Re: view with multiple rows for a single document

I have a question on this topic. I am building a Private View on a database to extract a series of fields. Within the document/form is a table with 25 rows and numerous columns. The field names are, for example, Action_x where x is an integer from 1 to 25. So Row 1 on the table has Action_1, Owner_1 and Date_1; row 2 is Action_2, Owner_2 and Date_2. I can't change the design of the database, but need a simple way of getting the data for later processing in a spreadsheet. I've done the view with a column with the key field and then 25 sets of data fields but it is long and unwieldy. I have also managed to create in a new view 25 rows per document with a temporary column with formula @Explode(1;2;3;4;5;6;7;8;9;10;11;12;13;14;15;16;17;18;19;20;21;22;23;24;25) and with "show multiple values as separate entries". I've set that column to have a programmatical name ($ActionNbr). I was then hoping I could use a formula along the lines of "if $ActionNbr is 1 then get Action_1, Owner_1 and Date_1", etc..

But, when I query what $ActionNbr is, I see it is set to be "1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8.....", not the unique number showing in the column.

So, how can I grab the displayed value rather than the string of $ActionNbr? Or is there another way of achieving the same end?